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Robots Read News – about Celebrity Apprentice

Robots Read News – about Celebrity Apprentice

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    I laughed for ten minutes when it occurred to me that Carson, Fiorina, and Cruz are (in the view of many) competing for the Celebrity Apprentice spot as Vice President. Trump already fired the other contestants.

    Trump is making the public think past the sale (the nomination) and focus on his match-up in the general election. Watch him steer the conversation toward Clinton (already doing so, will do more) and perhaps he will do something outrageous to increase chatter about his future VP selection. 

    Here’s a prediction to watch that fits the Master Wizard hypothesis. I say he will do something newsworthy on the topic of his potential choice for VP. That would focus the public’s attention past the nomination. A typical politician would not bring that topic into the fray so early. A Master Wizard would use it as an anchor to drag your attention to the future, imagining he is already nominated.

    You say you can’t imagine a president Trump? I hear you. That’s how he fixes it. He will literally make you imagine it by directing you to think of his likely choices for the number two slot.

    Yeah, you do know it will work.

    I know most of you think there is nothing to the Master Wizard hypothesis so I will try to be predictive. It isn’t science, but it might be fun to watch the show.

    I remind you again that I think all the candidates are serious people. I have no psychic ability to predict whether Trump would be more or less fabulous than any of the others.


    Look for me to blog about Trump as a systems thinker with a Moist Robot view of the world. The lucky (and often sexy) people that have read my book know where I will be going with this.

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