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Robots Read News – About Deflategate

Robots Read News – About Deflategate

    If your firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.

    In Berkeley start-up news, this guy might have found a way to turn his toe fungus into a billion-dollar business. If you have toe fungus too, and all you did about it was wear socks with your sandals, you are officially an underachiever. (This is not an investment recommendation.)

    In Top Tech news, how about wings for humans, powered by jets? Already here. What could go wrong?

    And do you like your robots all metallic and cold, or soft to the touch and oh-so-creepy? Technology has you covered, and the robots too.

    How long before the vision-impaired have magic wands instead of canes? We’re getting there. And where the hell are the self-driving Segways so no canes are needed?

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