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Robots Read News – Economic update

Robots Read News – Economic update


    Other Interesting Things Today…

    I predict that healthcare expenses will someday drop to 25% of their current level thanks to advances in medical devices. (I sometimes see the new stuff in beta when they pitch for funding, and WOW.) For example, check out a new digital stethoscope that promises to make a big difference.

    Next, Is passion a key to success, or just another benefit of getting there? I know I get plenty excited when things work out for me. Vivian Giang helps us sort that out.

    Next, would you order take-out food more often if you could watch the delivery guy’s progress on your app, like Uber? I know I would. The comfort of knowing exactly when your food is coming is a psychological game-changer. This start-up got that part right.

    3D printing is getting scary. Now you can print at the molecule level and create mechanical sensors with no moving parts. I wonder if 3D printing will be the only way people acquire household goods in the future.


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