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Robots Read News of Utah Firing Squads

Robots Read News of Utah Firing Squads

    [Updated 3/26/15 with result]

    Today I bring you a Robots Read News episode engineered to get a healthy number of “favorites” on Twitter but relatively few retweets. The hypothesis is that people enjoy dark humor but they are cautious about associating with it, and wisely so.

    If your corporate firewall is blocking this, see it on Twitter at this link.


    Update: The result so far confirms my prediction that people will not retweet dark humor because they do not want to be associated with it. This RRN comic has the lowest number of favorites and retweets of its siblings at this age if memory serves.

    I am surprised that retweets exceeded favorites. That was opposite of prediction, but the number of both are too low to make any kind of guess about why.

    I do not rule out the possibility that the real problem with this comic is that it was not funny. Personally, it is one of my favorites. That usually means readers will not care for it. So there’s that.

    Here’s the screen grab.

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