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Robots Read News – Self-Driving Cars Unionize

Robots Read News – Self-Driving Cars Unionize

    If your firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.


    Humor Dimensions: Recognition (headlines about self-driving cars), clever (humans are meat cargo to unionizing cars, and they only dump every 100th passenger), cruel (third panel), and bizarre (cars unionize, robots talk).

    Predicted Sharing: Low, because self-driving cars are not yet important in people’s lives. This comic is testing a more robot-centric reporting approach because readers have consistently requested that. I predict more “favoriting” than sharing.

    Robots Read News – Bonus Update

    An organized band of Moisties in the car industry created a driving system that takes perfectly good data and feeds it through a pile of loud meat for no compelling reason. And yet, somehow, the meat usually reaches its destination with only a slight increase in rotting. The credit goes to the amazing machines that surround the slow-rotting meat with equal parts air conditioning and indifference.

    Meanwhile, on Top Tech Blog:

    Robots can now read human emotions. Or as I like to say, the user interface for robots to program humans has taken another leap forward.

    Spouse-free people already know how to write full sentences in text messages using nothing but emoji characters. Personally, I can describe a thousand sexual acts using nothing but icons for water, boots, and sometimes monkeys. But someone took it to the next level. 


    I worry for anyone who does not understand the difference between systems and goals in 2015. If only you could read about it in some sort of awesome book that is certain to win a Pulitzer Prize. Sadly, that book does not exist. But while you wait for it, you might want to read my book. 95% of readers agree it does not suck. 


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