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Say Goodbye to Your Mind

Say Goodbye to Your Mind

    Some of you already saw an article in which cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman explains why reality is an illusion. I say the same type of thing in this blog and in my book. But I have low credibility on this topic, so I recommend Hoffman’s explanation.

    In order to be an effective persuader, you must embrace the idea that common sense is an illusion. And you must understand that humans rarely (if ever) do anything because of logic and reason. The part of us we consider rational is in reality a rationalizer. Your mind is creating little movies in which you are the star.

    In a Hoffman type of reality, where we all experience our own version of the truth, you can see how affirmations might be less about magical thinking and more like a mental tool to edit the movie you are experiencing as your life. When you focus on the future you want, the result is self-persuasion, and perhaps that is enough in a Hoffman universe to write the upcoming scenes in your movie.

    That is essentially how I experience my reality. I focus on whatever I want, and I imagine it as vividly as I can, as often as I can, and for some reason it happens. If you know anything about my history, you know it is filled with unlikely events that somehow conspired to get me everything I want. My experience violates everything that humans typically assume about reality. And that’s just the stuff you know about. Trust me when I say my daily experience is so far above normal that I literally can’t tell you about it without being labelled insane.

    I told you last year that Trump’s rise would change more than your opinion of politics. Trump’s successful use of persuasion will rewrite your entire understanding of reality. While you’re watching the trees, the entire forest is transforming. We’re right in the middle of the greatest awakening in the history of humankind.

    We can make this world as good as we want it. We just don’t know it yet.

    We’re almost there.

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