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    ** New Update **
    Okay, you have my apologies for jumping the gun on this. I underestimated how misleading every bit of this initial reporting was.
    I assumed the shooting itself would turn out to be justified, and it seems to be heading that way. And I assumed the two reporters who were jailed and soon released were victims of by a simple misunderstanding. And I assumed the SWAT team was protecting the Al Jazeera camera equipment and not “stealing” it.
    But I let my skepticism slip when I saw the tear gas allegedly fired by the SWAT guys at the reporters. I still don’t know where the tear gas came from, but given all the wrong reporting so far, I no longer assume it was intentional.
    I still think the police needed to be replaced, at least temporarily, to keep the boiling pot under control, and apparently the governor did just that. But I see now that the enemy in this story was the media (including social media) all along.
    Oh, and me. I’m part of the problem this time.
    Damn it. I hate when that happens. Thanks for pushing me back on track.

    This isn’t an excuse, but seeing images of guys in military-like gear tear-gassing news crews turned off my critical faculties for a day. My B.S. filter should have caught that from the start.

    This is a good lesson. Pictures lie.

    What follows is my wrongness from yesterday. You should ignore it.

    **Update at bottom.**

    At what point does it make sense to send in the U.S. military to disarm the local police and SWAT in Ferguson.

    Now might be good.

    See this.
    When you tear gas journalists on U.S. soil, that’s an act of war in my opinion.
    [Update: Police are being removed]. That’s probably the right move.]
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