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Spot the Fake Review on Amazon

Spot the Fake Review on Amazon

    This new one fits all the tells for a fake review. (Allegedly!) 

    See if you agree.

    Those of you who were smart enough to read my book can confirm that this fellow didn’t get the central theme, which would be hard to miss. (He thinks systems and habits are sort of the same, I think, for example.)

    If you look at the good reviews for the same book, people usually show an understanding of the content. The fake reviews look like someone guessing incorrectly based on skimming or looking at the summary description.

    The fake reviews pop up whenever I hit a hot button on a political issue in my blog.

    Clearly I am pointing out the fake reviews for self-serving reasons. But it also fits the persuasion theme I have been writing about. The fake reviews stand out to me because detecting lies is one of the skills you pick up almost accidentally while mastering hypnosis and persuasion and negotiating and the like. People lie according to certain patterns. Law enforcement folks have the same training. We look for the same tells. I blogged on fake review tells before.

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