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Spy in your Office

Spy in your Office

    Does Skype have an auto-answer feature that only activates for certain users calling in?

    I couldn’t find it, but I assume it either exists or will soon. With that feature I could dip in and out of meetings all over the world just to gather fodder for Dilbert. Just plug in my Skype user ID and leave Skype open.

    I imagine Dogbert as my image for the account. You’d be sitting at a meeting with your laptop or smartphone on, Skype open, and suddenly Dogbert would call in and automatically connect. My video would be off. All you need to do is let me listen in.

    The downside is that you could get fired for exposing confidential company information. But think of how cool your story would be. Totally worth it.

    Over the course of my cartooning career, the comment I hear most often from readers is “You must have a spy in my office.” I always wished that were true. And now it seems technology has made that an actual option.

    … time passes…

    Okay, I decided to go ahead and set up a Skype ID called Dogbertiswatching. Add that to your contact list and Skype me if you’re in a particularly ridiculous meeting. I’ll usually be looking for comic fodder between 6:30 AM and 8:30 AM Pacific Time. But please don’t expect me to be chatty because I’ll be working. I’ll just send a “hi” message and listen in.

    And start lining up your next job now. You might need it.

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