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Stocks Drop for . . . No Reason?

Stocks Drop for . . . No Reason?
    In the news, the stock market is falling for reasons no one knows.

    I wonder if the market will fall more than 10% for no reason before it mysteriously climbs back to where it was for no reason.

    We might be seeing the usual summer sell-off happening early because people are trying to get ahead of it. Or the pullback might have something to do with the Fed, or Ukraine, or a sudden shared realization that stocks are overvalued. Or it could be random, as in lots of people deciding to sell at around the same time for no special reasons.

    Or it could be that the stock market is fixed and the fixers are shaking the loose change out of grandpa’s trousers before they goose the markets back to its prior highs in September and enjoy the gains.

    I have no evidence that the market is fixed. But it’s hard to argue with the idea that whenever humans have a lot to gain from doing evil, and a small chance of getting caught, evil happens. 


    Scott Adams

    CalendarTree.com start-up Co-founder

     Author of the most important book most of you haven’t yet read.


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