Episode 440 Scott Adams: Weirdo, UBI, Omar, GND, Climate Change Confusion


  • Weird Tom Steyer’s new nickname, A+ sticky persuasion quality
    • The sticky, persuasive elements and why
  • 4 Outlet Rule: If story is covered on 4 main networks, probably true
    • (Breitbart, FOX, CNN, MSNBC)
    • Q is real: None of the 4 report that Q is real…fake news
    • “Fine People” hoax: Not on all 4…fake news
    • Globalist plot to change politics: Not on all 4…fake news
    • Law allowing lefties to abort live, born babies…fake news
  • Abducted in Plain Sight – Recommended, but disturbing topic
    • The psychology, persuasion, confirmation bias
    • Clearly demonstrates the weakness of human perception
  • Leaving Neverland – Recommended, another disturbing topic
    • The details are disturbing and convincing
    • Then watch the counter-arguments on YouTube
    • Counter-arguments are ALSO persuasive
  • UBI – Universal Basic Income
    • Soon, a big part of population won’t be capable of working
    • Robots will take over jobs not requiring a lot of thinking
    • UBI is like abortion for lazy adults who don’t want to work
  • Half of published scientific papers end up being debunked
    • Climate change might be real AND 1/2 claims are garbage
    • Climate change might be a hoax, in spite of being sorta true
    • 200 reasons against a theory is a tell that no good reasons exist
  • Guest: Mark Schneider, nuclear engineering expert
    • Operating reactors in America are all Gen II, meltdown danger
    • Europe has Gen III, better, much more resistant to meltdown
  • Gen IV nuclear power has 3 attractive options
    • molten salt, molten lead, gas cooled, NO MELTDOWNS
    • Loss of power to the facility, no problem, no danger
    • Containment systems make them safe from bombs
    • Gen II explosion danger is due to water for cooling
    • Gen IV doesn’t use water, eliminates explosion danger
  • 5 to 10 years to bring Gen IV online
    • We need to develop the design portion of the concepts
    • NOT currently happening here…but Russia is progressing
  • Some Gen IV options, like molten lead, EAT nuclear waste
  • Gen IV, only 1/3 of heat generated is used for power creation
    • Other 2/3 can be used to desalinate ocean water

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