Episode 1122 Scott Adams: Biden’s Biggest Lies, Google’s Election Interference, Fact-Checking Tapper, Woodward Story Goes Biden

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  • Gavin Newsom: forest management vs. climate change
  • At what point can you call well-meaning protesters…assholes?
  • 2 Sheriffs Deputies shot, outcome of “fine people” HOAX?
  • Search engine results: “Does Joe Biden have dementia”
  • Dangerous, destructive lies from Biden, Harris
  • 4chan: Joe Biden’s dementia medication and incontinence

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Episode 235 Scott Adams: Kavanaugh, Corroboration, Korea


  • UN members laughing at…or with…President Trump?
  • NBC report saying Ford has “corroborating” witnesses
  • How often are assault claims false?  Don Lemon says it’s “rare”
  • Don Lemon’s despicable combining of Cosby and Kavanaugh in the same story
  • Did 4Chan troll Avenatti?

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