Episode 521 Scott Adams: “Fine People” Zombie HOAX, Reframing Immigration, Lawyers


  • AOC Twitter parody account (clearly indicated as PARODY) banned
  • “Fine People” HOAX promoters attempting to spin and maintain HOAX
  • WaPo HOAXers are ignoring Steve Cortes, Joel Pollack, me
    • My blog on “fine people” HOAX predicted WaPo article
  • President Trump hyperbole is psychology CREATING POSITIVE RESULTS
    • In contrast, “fine people” HOAX is destructive for the country
  • Enemy press tries to paint positive-result hyperbole as “lies”
    • POTUS uses hyperbole to drive POSITIVE results for America
  • 600 attorneys sign deceptive misleading letter
    • Trick 1: How many attorneys DISAGREE?
      • Data point taken out of context to create a perception 
  • Trick 2: President doing his job…can’t be obstruction of justice
    • Knowing now, what HE knew back then (witchhunt)
    • it was his job to manage Comey and others
  • Trick 3: “He would have been indicted”…but NOT convicted
  • The “persuadables” are the only people who should be polled
    • Team people (GOP or DEM) can’t be persuaded
  • Mexico and the America do NOT share a border
    • Drug cartels control border territory in Mexico
  • REFRAME #1: Whiteboard
    • Border wall is between America and murderous drug cartels
  • REFRAME #2: Whiteboard
    • Immigration Plans with estimated acceptable levels of crime
      • Objective priorities list for murder, rape, GDP, drugs
      • 1. What’s your plan cost?
      • 2. What’s the estimated crime reduction?

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