Episode 706 Scott Adams: Al-Bagh-Deady and More

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  • Whimpering, crying, taking 3 children to their death with him…
    • …being chased down by a military canine in a tunnel
    • Perfect, POWERFUL visual persuasion
  • US military forces are securing the oil fields that helped fund ISIS
    • Will the oil help fund our military presence?
  • Elbonia stealing our IP and sending us drugs
    • Will any real country have a problem with that comic?
  • Organ harvesting from living prisoners…is that really happening?
  • Anti-Trumpers recently calling everyone a “grifter”
    • My attempts to stop people from using that word attack
  • Has talk about climate change calmed down significantly?
  • Were the Loserthink techniques I used yesterday effective?
  • If we bump Matt Gaetz Twitter followers by 10,000…
    • …would he agree to be a guest on my Periscope?
  • Ways for US to “go first” and move NK negotiations forward

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