Episode 541 Scott Adams: The Age of Enlightenment, End of the Republic


  • “End of the world” fears about President…versus major successes
  • A consistent President Trump theme…he knows what matters
  • “Age of Enlightenment” phrase used by President Trump
    • As predicted, he is changing how we view reality
    • President Trump is teaching us what’s important
  • Military arms sales to Saudi Arabia and support for their leadership
  • Blight area usage, homestead style with 2 lots per owner
    • Kit style homes, like Sears Craftsman homes of the past
  • Twitter poll, ever notice you were no longer following my account
    • Consistently, about 20% have experienced the phenomena
  • Social media has neutralized our democratic republic
    • Ability to influence people without them realizing it
    • Headline construction, clickbait links, influence triggers
  • 2020 election results will be determined by social media
    • Smartest people in the world run social media
    • They have the means, intelligence, time, resources
    • Can message ratios be influenced without people noticing?
  • Limiting messages that reach the top Twitter influencers?
    • Subtly tweak how often they see those messages?
    • Huge upside gain…almost zero risk, mischief results
    • Our democratic process is GONE, not planned, but it happened
  • Assange situation might be “laundering” him through legal system
    • Did the government make a secret deal with Assange?
    • He might run through system and be found innocent 
  • YouTube demonetization of some of my videos
    • The issue isn’t money, although it matters
    • Demonetization affects visibility/content of a video
  • The news business intentionally tweaks our “Fight or Flight” instincts
    • Crazy people might be getting triggered MORE than in the past
  • Naomi Wolf’s book on the prosecution of homosexuals in the UK
    • BBC informs her live…she misunderstood her two main points
    • To her credit, she acknowledged their points should be looked into
    • Judging people by their mistakes, you hate everyone…including yourself
      • We ALL make mistakes, sometimes bad ones
    • Judge people by how they respond to their mistakes
  • Is Adam Schiff an emotionally scarred victim of childhood bullies?
    • Are victims of bullies more likely to be anti-Trump?

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