Episode 531 Scott Adams: AOC’s Abortion Tweet, Immigration Framing, Trump Financials


  • Annual Presidential Financial Disclosure coming soon:
    • CNN notes his finances might be good, because he’s a criminal
    • CNN notes his finances might be bad, because he’s a loser
  • New books being published about President Trump
    • They’ve run out of all the “good” complaints about Trump
    • Authors are resorting to allegedly non-fiction books
    • Lots of anonymous sources…or fiction
  • FOX FAKE NEWS story: AOC thinks Alabama women get punished
    • AOC Alabama abortion law tweet is being misinterpreted
    • She knows law applies to the provider…not the woman
  • Iran unspecified danger, major military assets being moved to area
    • Why are we preparing for war? Shouldn’t we know?
  • Semi-Effective Immigration Framing…
    • Immigration is bringing in crime
    • Increasing crime only influences conservatives
  • Powerful Immigration Framing…
    • People in other countries are determining our immigration policies
    • Cartels are controlling our immigration, NOT Congress
    • People in other countries, deciding to come here…
      • …that’s our current immigration policy
    • Congress isn’t deciding who, when and how many, the cartels are deciding
  • Media Matters goes after Dave Rubin for Mike Cernovich interview
    • Judging people by opinions they no longer hold
    • Is that the world Media Matters really wants to live in?
  • President Trump looks 20 years younger than his competition
    • …Per Joe Scarborough
  • Do we age in the ways we IMAGINE we should age?
    • Do we IMAGINE ourselves into some of our aging issues?
    • Are their ways for average people to have the vitality of Mick Jagger at 75 after heart surgery?

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