Episode 469 Scott Adams: Why Chuck Schumer Must Resign Before He Starts a Race War


  • Chuck Schumer at AIPAC, lied to Jews about President Trump
    • Schumer lied, perpetuated the “fine people” BS hoax  
    • Schumer lied DESTRUCTIVELY, either recant or resign
  • Easy to confirm Schumer was lying, actual transcript, video
  • Everyone can help debunk the “fine people” hoax
  • Keep links handy to show inflicted the actual transcript, video
    • I posted links to truth on Twitter, Don Jr. retweeted them
    • (Link below) “Fine People” Transcript, Video
  • A+ for persuasion to Beto so far
    • Why a “little bit of wrong” is extremely effective
  • AOC is racist, prefers to view the world through a racial filter
  • AOC has succeeded at being a FEMALE version of a leader
    • Kamala is trying to be the female version of a man
    • Hillary tried to be the female version of a man
  • Schiff on the Intelligence committee is like…what?
    • Funny analogy suggestions?
  • LINK: “fine people” hoax rebuttal…

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