Episode 589 Scott Adams: The Truth About UFOs, Campaign Strategy, Biden Gaffes, Dignity, Character


  • Hilarious explanation by President Trump about “airports” gaffe
    • Also demonstrates his mastery of communication skills
    • President Trump is genius at disarming through humor
  • UFOs are NOT real…a hint from President Trump
  • Michael Shellenberger’s cost analysis for nuclear
  • 2/3 of CO2 issues could be offset by simply planting trees
  • Joe Biden FORGETS he was VP during Russian election interference 
  • Dems are focused on end-state words…
    • “dignity”, “human right”, “bully”
  • Democrats are experts at demonizing words, inciting VIOLENCE
    • Things you can’t wear, can’t say, can’t attend
    • How do you counter word-based attacks?

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