Episode 772 Scott Adams: Easy Systems for Solving Big Problems While Sipping Delicious Coffee

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  • Texas church shooter versus armed citizens who stopped him
  • Major Garrett (CBS) praises President Trump’s minority agenda
  • Mike Cernovich might run for Congress
  • Artists…the pattern is STRONG, more and more people noticing it
    • Artist mindset versus Economist mindset
  • President Putin’s well framed invitation to President Trump
  • Climate change efforts by Trump Admin, you haven’t heard about
    • Department of Energy’s SYSTEM is solid
  • Alex Azar (HHS) and Rick Perry (SOE) are STAR cabinet members
  • Homeless SMART solution…that’s been successfully run for YEARS

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Episode 398 Scott Adams: Reframing Healthcare as a Question of Systems Versus Goals


  • Walls are necessary, for Capitalism to exist
  • You can’t have Capitalism without protecting wealth
  • You need wealth in order to have more healthcare
  • Whiteboard Discussion
    • Achieving Healthcare via Capitalism

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