Episode 386 Scott Adams: The Giant Rip in the Fabric of Reality, Kamala Harris, Dale


  • President Trump is changing how we view reality
    • Our opinions are assigned to us by the media we follow
    • Facts don’t matter, reality is subjective
    • We all think we can read others minds…we can’t
    • People with diff opinions aren’t necessarily evil or stupid
  • Ability to predict the future accurately and two movies one screen
    • Your “movie” if valid, can predict the future
    • Is your movie more predictive than the opposing movie?
  • Rhymes have powerful memory and persuasion powers 
    • Build the wall and crime will fall!
  • The “Well of Self-Research” (Whiteboard 1)
    • Doing your own research isn’t possible for non-experts
    • Eventually you can’t go any deeper and go with your bias
  • The 97% question regarding climate science (Whiteboard 2)
    • The framing of poll questions can pre-determine poll results
  • Are retired climate scientists without financial incentives…
    • …more likely to be climate skeptics?
    • Do scientists with the most experience, agree with newbies?
  • CNN “sarcasm package” Mexico will write a literal check for the wall
  • CNN Ana Camerota’s racist Democrat guest
    • He refers to President as a “Grand Wizard”
    • Linking a white person to the KKK without proof…is racist
  • Why I watch CNN, or MSNBC or “the other side”
    • How do you form opinions without knowing both sides?
    • Alternative: Blindly, always agree with your “team”

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