Episode 450 Scott Adams: Mueller, Beto, Cohen, Media Matters, Insurance Policies


  • The only 2 times Fake News is willing to believe President Trump
  • Lisa Page and the “insurance policy”
    • Ordinary explanation: I was just doing my job
  • Pro-Collusion people amusingly squirming, distancing themselves
  • Media Matters working hard to make the world a worse place
    • Head of Media Matters under counterattack from Tucker
  • Can ANYBODY be taken out now, with simple historical research?
  • Rosie O’Donnell book says her father molested her for years
    • President Trump’s character is “strong but fair father”
    • Does Rosie’s bad father impact her opinion of the President?
  • Alyssa Milano asked a fact question, Nick Searcy and I discussed
    • Does anybody believe Dems want to kill live babies?
    • Nobody can point to segment of actual law showing that?
    • Devolves into “read between the lines”, “how they think”
  • Transgender athletes
    • The entire field of sports is based on beating unfair advantages
    • Stephan Curry charges toward the basket, 7’ guy tries to block

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