Episode 969 Scott Adams: I’m Here. Where Are You?

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  • Me versus the medical experts
  • Ahmaud Arbery
  • 3 experts offer post-coronavirus expectations
  • Maybe 90% of civilization is pre-internet design
  • Ann Coulter’s compelling argument: it came from the wet market

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Episode 445 Scott Adams: Part1 Cognitive Dissonance in the News Everywhere


  • Media Matters hit piece on Tucker Carlson, illegitimate story
  • The brains behind AOC, my opinion of her and her ideas
  • My support for trans-athletes: Sports aren’t about “fair”
  • Only dumb people talk in absolutes
  • Michael Caputo GoFundMe and financial ruin
    • Old Nads has weaponized the checks and balances process
    • Weaponized against citizens and causing financial ruin 
    • Ruining the country for political gain
    • Ruining citizens of our country for political gain
  • Doing the right thing and hearing “why didn’t you do that sooner”?
  • Penalizing good behavior doesn’t encourage more good behavior
  • Ann Coulter and President Trump are doing “good cop, bad cop”
    • She’s an important part of the process as his foil

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