Episode 757 Scott Adams: Artists Versus Economists, Shampeachment, North Korea

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  • Carter Page deserves the biggest apology in history of apologies
  • Senate Democrats should vote 100% AGAINST impeachment
    • Reason: Impeachment must be bipartisan, a Dem standard
  • Russian Garry Kasparov…thinks our constitution is a suggestion
  • Artist or Economist Twitter game
    • Game results so far
  • Advocates like Paul Krugman, Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity
  • Alan Dershowitz wipes impeachment charge #2 off the table
  • SNL has staked out more of a political middle ground
  • North Korea’s BEST, STRONGEST signal so far to America
    • They want a deal, and feel there’s a way to achieve it
    • All we need…is creativity

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