Introducing New Writers!

    This might be the most exciting day in the history of I am delighted to introduce three new writers who will be blogging on these pages. Check them out:

    Vivian Giang

    Vivian Giang will be debunking myths about success (my favorite!) and other topics of interest.

    Bio: Vivian Giang is a freelance journalist who covers organizational psychology, leadership, gender issues, and whatever else she finds interesting for Fast Company, Marie Claire, Fortune, Slate, among others. 

    Twitter: @vivian_giang

    LinkedIn: Profile


    Read Vivian Giang’s blog here.

    Top Tech – by Paul Worthington

    A daily digest of carefully curated news on the most interesting or important innovations in technology, by Paul Worthington. Look for 1-3 briefs every weekday.

    Bio: Paul Worthington is a technology reporter and consultant, specializing in photography and digital imaging. He started at InfoWorld in 1989. He now hosts the annual Future Imaging Summit, and initiated the new imaging industry Visionary Awards in 2015.

    Paul reports on photography here,  and is on Twitter @PaulRobertW.


    Read Top Tech here.

    Berkeley Start-Up ReviewBy Tamra Teig

    Tamra Teig will spotlight the most interesting start-ups that have some connection to UC Berkeley. Berkeley is second only to Stanford in the number of start-ups coming from alums. You’ll see some fascinating companies in the spotlight. 

    I earned my MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley many moons ago, and I’m involved with the Berkeley Angel Network, so I have some connections to help Tamra find the interesting stories.

    Bio: ​Tamra Teig has a degree in journalism and has been a writer and marketing communications consultant for over 20 years. While her earlier work was focused on magazine and newspaper features and newsletters, the majority of her career has been devoted to business development through corporate communications and digital marketing content. 

    Read the Berkeley Start-Up Review here.

    Each of these blogs will evolve over time based on reader responses. I would love to hear your comments. 

    By way of background, several months ago I offered to make space available on for other artists. I got more submissions than I expected. These are the three writers that I think fit best with the audience here. If this works out, I will be looking to grow the idea.

    What do you think?

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