Episode 305 Scott Adams: Swalwell Derangement Syndrome, CIA Leaks, Pelosi Votes


  • Alexa…Do you record everything you hear?
  • President Trump offers to help Pelosi get votes she needs
    • Bipartisanship for key things America needs
  • If POTUS gets deals on his remaining objectives, he won’t run again
  • Court rules on Jim Acosta press pass
    • Will President Trump call on Acosta? Yes, of course he will
  • Kellyanne Conway husband becoming very vocal anti-Trumper
  • Khashoggi leak says Prince Salman knew 
    • Our governments options are limited by the leak
  • Swalwell tweet about using nuclear weapons on Americans
    • He was talking to his base, prepping to run for President
    • It was a “big ask”, outrageous, over the top, attention move
    • Was he serious? Of course not
    • Like Ocasio-Cortez, he’s using persuasion effectively
  • Projection: Imagining other people have the same faults as you have
    • Should conservatives act like liberals, use their playbook?
    • It feels good to attack your opponent in an unfair way…
    • …as payback for unfair attacks against your side
  • Julian Assange previously offered juicy info in exchange for immunity

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