Episode 302 Scott Adams: Bipartisanship Blooming, Facebook, Monkey Attacks, Much More


  • Daily Beast fake news edited photo of Jack Posobiec
  • Facebook hired political operatives to blame things on…
    • George Soros
  • Non-military invasion of the caravan
  • Avenatti arrested for beating up some woman
    • Performance-wise, his denial appeared truthful
  • Van Jones positive tweet about President Trump and prison reform
  • Black Caucus no confidence vote on Tom Perez
  • Tucker Carlson and Ocasio-Cortez agree on Amazon headquarters
    • Bipartisanship is breaking out
  • Saudi Arabia identifies the people they will punish for Khashoggi
  • 2016 Prediction: Once election is over, national hysteria would come down
    • Whiteboard comparison, 2016 worries vs. 2018 worries
  • Global warming’s 3 components:
    • 1. The Science
    • 2. The Models
    • 3. The Economics
    • The models and economics…are not science
  • The Wall: Building and testing design options on a small scale first
    • Should make both sides happy, test and observe results

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