Episode 383 Scott Adams: My Apology for Believing @CNN About the Covington Catholic Boys Fake News


  • CNN continues to pump the worst kind of dangerous fake news
    • Covington Catholic kids vs Black Israelites and drummer
    • CNN reversed the victims and the perpetrators
    • The Black Israelites started it and were full-on racists
    • Then the Black Israelites said lots of bad thing about Dems
    • The Black Israelites were saying anti-gay things in the video
    • The kids pushed back against the anti-gay sentiments
    • The kids pushed back against Black Israelites racism
    • The Black Israelites then armed themselves
    • The drummer was looking to CAUSE trouble, not diffuse it
      • Drummers intent was to get in the faces of the teens
      • The kids didn’t back up or back down or misbehave
  • President Trump’s offer yesterday was to add variables
    • He stood fast on what he needs to secure the border, 5.7B
    • Including other topics (variables) is to entice Dems to talk
  • A word, “wall” is preventing a border solution
    • Deliver good border security, what you label it doesn’t matter

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