Episode 51: Scott Talks with Naval Ravikant, No Politics

  • Are we a computer simulation?
  • Do we have free will?
  • Strategies for success
  • Blockchain and decentralization
  • Reproduction, biological and via the simulation
  • Awareness is consciousness
  • What would a Naval/Scott school teach?
  • Working with opponents
  • Cooperation is the human advantage – Naval
  • Are we in the Golden Age?
  • Korean peace possibility

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All of the Dilbert Comics on Blockchain, Bitcoin, or Cryptocurrency

By popular demand, I pulled together the Dilbert comics that mention blockchain, Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency. You can find these or any other Dilbert comic by keyword searches on the main Dilbert.com page.

And if any of the situations in this collection look familiar, you might want to check out my startup’s ICO that is live now.

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WhenHub SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens)

    Today might be one of the biggest days of my life, and it will be impossible to explain why that is so unless you know at least a little bit about blockchain, dAPPS, cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, and the legal distinction between a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) and an ICO.

    If those words look unfamiliar, one of the biggest technical revolutions the world has ever known is sneaking up on you. The folks in Silicon Valley — who live about three years in the future compared to the rest of the country — can’t stop talking about this topic. The smartest people in the Valley tell me blockchain will change nearly everything, and already is. It’s like “the Internet” before anyone had heard of the Internet. That’s how big it is.

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