Episode 394 Scott Adams: Kamala Hires the Mole, Tom Brokaw, Border Security, Taliban


  • President Trump is in the process of ending four wars
    • NK and their nukes, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan
  • Kamala receives love letter from CNN and other media powers
    • Ex-Hillary people (and The Mole) now working for Kamala
    • Kamala lacks charisma, that’s a problem for her team
  • Kamala campaign slogan, “For the People”…as opposed to what?
  • Kamala branding “We’re better than this”
    • She’s calling half the country defective
    • Compare that to “Make America Great Again”
  • Kamala tweet framing men as the problem
    • Is she running a Hillary 2.0 anti-male campaign?
    • Kamala’s campaign theme is the Gillette commercial
  • Willie Brown as a politician and a funny guy
  • Wall committee, who is on it? Why haven’t we heard?
    • If the media does a blackout, nothing is going to happen
  • Wall committee will need to add a “poison pill” to stop POTUS
    • If they propose funds for the wall…POTUS wins
    • Proposing something POTUS can’t accept, seems likely
  • Predictions review…
    • “Me Too” will cause male execs to fear mentoring women
    • Cuban sonic weapon, wasn’t
    • Vegas shooting wasn’t ISIS 
    • NK a year before anything happened, peace possible
    • Howard Schultz will NOT run a third party campaign
    • AOC has master persuader skills
  • AOC is going to be a very big deal in the future
    • She’s smarter than you think, possibly super-smart
    • She’s also a racist and race baiter
    • AOC is a “Blue Trump”

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