Episode 272 Scott Adams: Talking About Bombs


  • Who was and wasn’t on the bomber’s list…and why?
  • Was the bomber activated and programmed by the press?
  • CNN makes a radical claim (with no details) about violence from the right
  • Senator Hirono says President Trump is a racist white supremacist
    • Hirono is despicable, should be (legally) removed from office
  • Humor changes over time, it’s generational
    • Funny decades ago is now completely inappropriate
    • Trump and Biden, same age, same sense of slapstick humor
    • Eric Holder “kick ‘em”, same sense of slapstick humor
  • The Dems and press are intentionally painting half of US worthy of death
    • NOT the same as “old guy slapstick humor” from both sides
  • The bombs appear to have been a message with no ability to explode

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