Episode 1321 Scott Adams: Kids in Cubicles at the Border, Musk Robs the Poor to Colonize Mars According to Bernie, and More

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  • Elon Musk catching heat from Bernie for colonizing space
  • Arbitrator for congress to break gridlock?
  • 2/3 of public say we have a border crisis
  • Homeland Security: Border closed…except for lone children
  • Will the migrant crisis help or hurt our economy?
  • The Dilberito’s flaw

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Episode 588 Scott Adams: Independence Day, Earthquakes, Immigration, Biden’s Bullies

  • Content: 
  • History will embrace the long list of President Trump’s strengths
  • Joe Biden’s sad interview on CNN with Chris Cuomo
  • AOC and the detention centers…are BOTH sides correct?
    • Why don’t we activate FEMA to help with the border crisis?
    • FEMA is the correct tool for a humanitarian crisis
  • News reporting intentionally designed to “get under Trump’s skin”
  • “Lunchbox Joe” seems like a boring dinosaur, game-less
    • Comparing Kamala and Joe’s style to Obama’s style
  • Vice President Pence has done an excellent job so far
  • Antifa is a lifestyle choice. They like dressing up and hurting people
    • Political beliefs are the cover story “justifying” their violence

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Episode 441 Scott Adams: Omar, Fine People, Vaccinations, Fathers, Food Equality, Border, Ivanka, Laws


  • Michael Caputo says witch hunt and will refuse to cooperate
    • All 81 should say “screw it”, ignore congress perjury traps
  • Jared and Ivanka security clearances, Dems running out of crap
    • Lawyers on both sides agree on the facts of what occurred
    • The argument is whether or not the actions are even a crime
  • Whitehouse tweet about the horrors of abuse suffered by migrants
    • Brandon Darby: Humanitarian crisis is correct assessment
  • Democrats stalled their own anti-semitism resolution 
    • Why aren’t they willing to condemn anti-semitism?
    • Are Representative Omar’s comments “secret dog whistles”?
    • Is she signaling her fellow anti-semites?
    • Are claims about “secret dog whistles” just political BS?
  • CNN refuses to address or acknowledge “fine people” thing was BS
    • “Fine people” hoax puts me and Trump supporters at risk
    • Is CNN intentionally promoting violence via propaganda?
  • Candace interview with Hawk Newsome Sunday…MUST WATCH
    • Food equality vs. two parents helping to raise their children
    • Is it still true, that two parents are better?
    • Fix nutrition and it will make a HUGE for communities

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