Episode 411 Scott Adams: Bill Pulte Talks About Progress on Inner City Blight and More


  • Bill Pulte discusses the Blight Authority’s impressive progress
    • Cleaning up areas where politicians and authorities failed
    • Getting rid of the crime and the drugs infesting cities
    • Donations fund the Blight Authority, locals love it
    • Bill has connections with HUD and key local authorities
    • https://www.theblightauthority.com/ideas/
    • Uses for the cleared, available land
  • Why is peace in the Middle East now possible?
    • Questions are about to be answered
    • Why has President Trump been so nice to Saudi Arabia?
    • Why has President Trump been so nice to Putin?
    • Iran has been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy
  • President Trump’s funny tweet about Amy Klobuchar in the snow
    • Amy and her staff appeared amateurish
  • Khamenei “death to America” clarification
    • He means death to President Trump, Pompeo and Bolton
    • Interesting because…
      • Americans like the Iranian people
      • Iranians like the American people
  • BrianOfLondon’s thoughts on the Iranian, Middle East situations
    • Iranian funding of Hezbollah and expansionist objectives

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