Episode 489 Scott Adams: Monkeys, Climate, Communication, Assange, White Nationalism, Brainstorming


  • “White Nationalist” is an offensive racist term
  • Human genes are being injected into monkey brains
    • As monkey intelligence increases, will they be given rights?
  • CNN can’t decide what side they’re on in regard to Assange
  • CNN heavily promoting Buttigieg, top 8 headlines all Buttigieg
  • ICE considered locating illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities
  • Schumer calls Assange a “Russian spy”, without any evidence
    • So far, even CNN isn’t highliting his statement
  • Communication requires speaker to assume knowledge of audience 
  • Do “bug eyes” indicate a person doesn’t believe what they’re saying?
    • “Join my hallucination” physical symptom: Bug eyes?
  • Winning the argument by arguing the definition of words
  • My father built a bomb shelter in our basement when I was a kid
    • Nuclear war was so imminent, we needed to prepare
    • What impact did that have on children?

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