Episode 476 Scott Adams: President Trump can Save the Planet With a Tweet, #FentanylChina, Beyonce


  • President Trump Tweets about origin of Russian Collusion hoax
  • “Fine People” (Charlottesville) hoax is finally being exposed, but
    • Robert Tracinski (Bulwark) says we are gaslighting
    • Charlie Sykes tweets, spreading the Bulwark hoax
  • Beyonce, Biden and uninvited kissing, touching, snuggling
  • President Trump has two major topics to address
    • Healthcare and climate change
  • President Trump could save the planet with ONE tweet
    • Whiteboard: Saving the Planet via Tweet
    • Lamar Alexander, has a reputation of being reasonable
      • Green Manhattan Project
    • Gen IV is the path BOTH political parties should embrace
  • Guest: Mark Schneider, Nuclear expert 
  • Mark’s thoughts on Scott’s whiteboard discussion
    • #GreenNuclearDeal
  • North Korea could potentially SAVE THE WORLD
    • No restrictive regulations
    • NK could embrace transitioning to Gen IV development

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