Episode 627 Scott Adams: Epstein, Slow Joe, Bernie, Green Card Rules, Cuomo, memzy.com


  • Bernie AGREES with Trump…WaPo: unfair, biased reporting 
  • Biden gaffe defense: I’m not “losing it”, I never had it
  • How to achieve a RACIALLY BLIND immigration system
    • A systems approach will work
  • CNN, TDS, mental illness and Ana Navarro
    • “Think past the sale” headlines and fake news
  • Should Trump be allowed to say same things Dems said in past?
  • Illegal voting… “where it counts”
    • Small numbers in key locations CAN and WILL…alter results
    • Options to help ensure vote integrity
  • Andrew Yang’s campaign ending gaffe
  • memzy.com sells persuasive slide deck inserts for key point retention
    • Ref. Carmen Simon, Founder
    • Cognitive Neuroscientist, author: Impossible to Ignore

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