Episode 740 Scott Adams: Loserthink Opinions in the News, War With Cartels, Thankfulness

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  • Whitehouse lockdown due to unidentified flying…”blob”
  • FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) designation for Cartels
    • Options for dealing with the cartels
  • Is legalization of ALL drugs a viable option to deal with cartels?
  • IG report, was the Trump campaign/administration SPIED on?
  • Charlamagne tha God recommends looking at the past…
    • …not the present?
  • Pete Buttigieg’s impressive strengths

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Episode 417 Scott Adams: Was Live


  • Were McCabe’s actions, treasonous, desperate partisan politics?
  • WhenHub Interface app now offering a DONATE button
    • People were wishing there was a non-Patreon option
  • We watched congress fail right in front of us on wall committee
  • Proposed bill has at least 2 problems per Conservatives
    • 1. Loophole allowing kids to grant adult open door
    • 2. Local cities could block barriers in their vicinity
  • Cartels are buying local officials…and they’ll have a voice on wall?
    • Brandon Darby (border security expert) says it’s happening
  • The cartels will decide if there should be local U.S. wall impeding them
    • Could congress possibly be THAT stupid?

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