Episode 562 Scott Adams: Sleepy Joe, North Korea Execution Sites, Robots Building Homes, Mexico

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  • Heckler fact-checks Biden on pushing “fine people” HOAX
  • Is Biden’s inability to understand it was HOAX, a MEDICAL condition?
  • Bill Maher worries President Trump won’t leave office if he loses
  • China…will WIN, unless President Trump is reelected
  • Kamala will try to jail President Trump if she’s elected
    • Could ANY lawyer beat President Trump?
  • Andrew Yang keeps suggesting new ideas nobody has heard before
  • Home-Assembly robot works with blocks that snap together
  • North Korea news reported anonymously by others with an agenda
  • Kim Jung Un’s half-brother anonymously reported as a CIA asset
  • Central Park Five miniseries on Netflix
  • Bieber vs. Tom Cruz…who would win in the Octagon?