My Billion-dollar CGI Movie Animation Idea

    See Update at Bottom.

    Years ago, Jeffrey Katzenberg invited me to Dreamworks to brainstorm some non-Dilbert movie ideas that would work well with CGI animation. By then the world already had CGI movies about toys, cars, bugs, robots, fish, aliens, animals, birds, monsters, and most of the other non-human entities.

    That was the problem. The animation industry was running out of fresh fields to plow. They needed more creature types.

    I didn’t have any ideas that day. It’s harder than it looks. All the easy ones are already done.

    My creative failing at that meeting with Katzenberg has bugged me for years. I’m usually the person in the room with the commercially viable idea. That’s sort of what I do. But I failed that day. I had absolutely nothing.

    But… I’m not a quitter. I have chewed on that problem for years without having so much as a whiff of an idea. Then one day last week, for no particular reason, and while thinking of something unrelated, a solution came to me. It had all the elements. It was born whole. I tested it on a few friends and their jaws dropped. 

    It’s not just a good idea. It’s sort of amazing, if I do say so myself. And easy to animate. When you see the movie (and someday you will) you will laugh at how obvious it was.

    Too bad I can’t tell you the idea. That would ruin its commercial value. So what I’m going to ask instead is that if any of you work for one of the big animation studios, send me an email at Or use Twitter @ScottAdamsSays to contact me. I’ll use Skype to pitch the idea to the first big studio that gets to me. It will only take ten minutes.

    Update: No direct studio contacts yet, as of 7 AM Wednesday. This will be interesting. I predict contact by the evening. I’ll let you know how the Skype pitch goes.

    Update: 9:10 AM. DreamWorks reached out to me. Pitch made. My contacts like it enough to take it to the boss.

    For context, few ideas make it from “good idea” to movie. Ideas don’t have an economic value on their own.

    Update: 2:00 PM A DreamWorks employee just mentioned this post to Jeffrey Katzenberg in the employee cafeteria. That happened in less than 24 hours. 

    I also heard from Sony Animation. They are next to hear the idea if DreamWorks passes. No word from Pixar, but I understand they like their ideas to be internally generated.

    This was a fun experiment in connectivity. Thanks everyone!