Episode 1898 Scott Adams: Why Hasn’t Elon Musk Ended Ukraine War In His Spare Time Yet? Is He Lazy?


  • Did Biden guarantee China will now take Taiwan?
  • Biden ended China’s tech sector?
  • Starlink for Ukraine, for free?
  • How Ukraine made their recent big gains
  • Ukraine war, who can win and how?
  • California bill 2098 vs free speech
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Episode 747 Scott Adams: DNA News With Othram CEO David Mittelman, Impeachment

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  • Joe Biden’s think-past-the-sale response to grudge question
  • DNAsolves.com a private database for law enforcement investigations
    • DNA identification of suspects and victims
    • The days of unsolved crimes are coming to an end
  • Biden political commercial saying other countries laughing at us
  • Kamala Harris as the VP choice for Joe Biden
  • Pamela Karlan’s presentation at impeachment hearing
  • How can there be top constitutional scholars on BOTH sides?
  • Can Representatives be impeached…for abuse of power?
    • Haven’t Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler, abused their power?
    • Aren’t they destabilizing the Republic for political gain?
  • Abuse of power to create laws that don’t exist
    • Nobody is above the constitution
  • Pete Buttigieg disqualifies himself from the Presidential race
  • What’s up with Judge Napolitano?
  • Speculation that FBI was NOT plotting against President Trump
  • Reputation and respect for China, at lowest level in my lifetime
    • How long can Chairman Xi remain in power?

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