Episode 704 Scott Adams: Grumpy Old White Men of the Deep State, Human Scum T-Shirts, Schiffing the Bed

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  • “Human scum” tee shirt by never-trumper Matt Lewis
  • MSNBC views don’t know our economy is doing GREAT?
  • Katie Hill…a popularity increase or decrease?
  • The #Shampeachment stunt and undelivered goods
  • Durham investigation is now a criminal investigation
  • Schiff and his SCIF
    • Lots of old white guys are now the face of Democrats
  • Is “Cheatin’ China” business worthy or flat-out criminals?
  • China vs. South Korea: developing country status
  • China’s fentanyl connection to Mexican drug cartels
    • President Xi, international terrorist
  • Russia’s effort to sell more weapons to 30 African nations
    • The next Middle East…is Africa
  • Kanye West says he has overcome his pornography addiction

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