Episode 647 Scott Adams: #FentanylChina Doing too Little, Outrage Theatre, Biden’s Brain


  • China claims they’re making progress on Fentanyl shipments
  • Biden…what will it take for his friends & family to intervene?
  • Kamala…the “least flawed” Democrat candidate
  • Eric McCormack…NOT part of the smart-crowd
  • President Trump’s personal assistant…and alcohol
  • Outrage Theatre: Outrage on behalf of other people
    • Sofia Vergara took some photos…AHHHHHHHHHH!!!
  • Dave Chappelle’s Sticks & Stones special is a MASTERPIECE
    • His comedy took a run at reality…hilariously
  • Audience Questions:
    • Memory tricks, musics influence, stage hypnosis, teeth whitening, heroin addiction, forgiveness and revenge, Overspending

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Episode 324 Scott Adams: Trade Deals with China, and Nothing Else Interesting


  • US reports that China will close Fentanyl legal loophole!
    • China reports that they will look into it
    • Prediction: China will drag their feet and dangle Fentanyl
  • Trade agreement arc is following the expected psychology
  • We send soy to China…they send us Fentanyl
  • Would you be satisfied if POTUS gets 5B to start the wall?
  • Jerome Corsi suing Mueller for attempting to force him to lie?
  • Laura Loomer, what happened?
  • Shouldn’t the big military powers, form an alliance?
    • US, China, Russia will never attack each other
    • The danger is from the small countries and groups

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