Episode 690 Scott Adams: Ukraine, China, Iran, California, and Where is Hunter?

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  • Sometimes associations matter…sometimes they don’t?
  • CNN’s LGBTQ town hall
    • The popularity of changing pronouns
    • Social media unhappy with Chris Cuomo
  • The Kurds that associate with recognized terrorist groups
    • Nuance and details matter
    • Turkey’s mortal enemy was massing on their border
  • If your Governor can’t keep the lights on…you need a new Governor
  • President Trump says towns should have a say in refugee locations
    • CNN says he singled out Somalian refugees
  • “This is not normal” sounds like an out of ammo surrender
  • TerraPower’s new type of nuclear power plant, SAFE & economical
    • Mark Schneider contacted CEO, to see how we can help
    • Chris Levesque, President and CEO of TerraPower
  • The zeitgeist has turned sharply against China in the last year
    • Will there be a trade deal with China today…or ever?
  • Whiteboards: Transgenders in Sports Proposal
    • Capability based teams
    • “Gender Equality” has evolved in modern society

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