Episode 504 Scott Adams: Biden, Impeachment Fantasies, Student Loans, Healthcare

  • Topics: 
  • Democrats trying to get ahold of President Trump’s tax returns
    • They say just ensuring the IRS is doing its job
    • Does that pass ANYONE’S sniff test?
  • Health & Humans Services isn’t good at explaining anything, but…
    • …they might be testing various healthcare solutions
    • A+ to our government for small scale A-B testing
  • Senator Warren wants to eliminate unpaid student debt
  • Climate Change debate update
    • The infamous Climate-gate email 
  • Consider me your hoax sniffing service animal
  • Bernie wants convicts in prison to have voting rights
    • Should the Boston Marathon bombers get to vote?
    • Murderers and other heinous people allowed to vote?
  • “Roadmap to Impeachment” claims by Dems and fake news media
    • NOBODY has stated anything impeachable, why not?
    • Is following the advice of your lawyer illegal now?
    • “They investigated 10 things”…yeah, and all were found legal
    • Get the press to state ONE, the most impeachable offense
    • Don’t Accept: “One reason?  There’s ten reasons!”
      • Okay…name one, just one, your best example

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