When Ideas Win

    I love watching a good idea kill a bad idea.

    It doesn’t happen often. The more typical situation is that people have opinions, those opinions are resistant to data, and everything stays the same until you die.

    But sometimes a new idea is just so obviously better than competing ideas that once it is released into the wild of the Internet it becomes like a virus that hunts and destroys the weaker ones.

    Most of my ideas are weak and experimental. You readers strangle them to death before they leave the safety of this blog page. And I appreciate that.

    But sometimes I write something that escapes its original home and takes on a life of its own. That seems to be happening with the concept of “systems versus goals. A Google search gets over 7,000 hits now. The idea is somewhat unstoppable once you see it explained. (One could argue that explaining it better is all I added.)

    Another time a good idea devoured a bad one was with the fake debate on doctor-assisted suicide. I pointed out on the Internet that when you ask the question right, everyone is on the same side. That effectively ended the debate. No one stepped forward to say they want the government to decide how much they should suffer before dying. It will take some time for laws to change, but the idea that half the country favors allowing the government to torture grandma to death is now understood to be a myth. 

    But just in case, I sent the Compassion and Choices organization a sizable donation to press their case. Money always beats ideas. Have to cover all bases.