Episode 708 Scott Adams: Latest Examples of #Loserthink From Pundits, Bernie’s Empty Shelves, Winners Writing History

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  • Wounded hero dog
  • Socialist Bernie speaking in front of EMPTY store shelves
  • Critics of President Trump obsessing, whimpering and crying
  • SPIN TRICKS…”concerned”, “might have”, “problematic”, “if true”
    • Repetition and passage of time = persuasion
    • Nancy’s new move, impeachment theater
  • Yang’s Karaoke, bad but fearless
  • Kamala goes full Hillary to explain her bad poll numbers
  • China says they will ease rules restricting foreign investments
    • Does anyone believe that?
  • US should create a comprehensive investment grade for countries
  • Update: Tesla Powerwall for power during outages
    • Comparing to Generac solution
    • Cost and the evaluation process

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