Episode 1515 Scott Adams: The News is Dreadful and Boring But We’ll Have Fun Talking About it Anyway

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  • Britney Spears freedom
  • Elon Musk sending silver medal to Jeff Bezos
  • Chris Hayes ALL CAPS tweet!!!
  • Attack ad against Governor DeSantis
  • Fallacy of vaccination double risk
  • Triggering binaries with a 3rd opinion

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Episode 666 Scott Adams: Coffee…NOW!

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  • Was Corey Lewandowski’s testimony, Trump inspired technique?
    • Making a mockery of the process was hilarious
  • A suggested plan for gun control policy
  • Saudi Arabia isn’t positive Aramco attack was from Iran?
    • If NOT Iran…then who?
    • Response options and outcomes
  • President Trump understands human nature like nobody else

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Episode 111: (Part 1of2) Analogies are Destroying the Country


  • NO people in this discussion want to separate kids from parents
    • Short-term solutions INCREASE the long-term problem
    • Short-term solutions INCREASE the number of kids in this situation over time
    • Half the country believes other half is okay with child abuse
  • Analogies aren’t thinking
  • When kids are stressed…
    • Our human natural reaction is to care and help them
    • That natural reaction inhibits our ability to think objectively and long-term
  • Alan Dershowitz observation
    • Death camp analogy is a form of holocaust denial
  • All laws and penalties are deterrents


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