Episode 1033 Scott Adams: Talking About Systemic Racism

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  • Cornel West explains concept of offensive things
  • Mike Pence’s impressive question handling
  • Systemic racism
  • Whiteboard: Unlucky History and Poor Kids
  • People respond to other people’s expectations

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Episode 169 Scott Adams: Blight Authority, Antigua, Police Shootings, InfoWars


  • InfoWars banned from Apple, YouTube, Facebook
    • What unknown violation justified this action?
  • BLM disrupted wedding of LEO involved in Sacramento teen shooting
  • Harassment of Candace and Charlie at restaurant
  • My “Q” puzzle, Q followers and their brand
  • Antifa costumes…why are masks legally allowed?
    • Why isn’t Antifa listed as a domestic terrorist organization?
  • Blight Authority collecting ideas for use of cleared land
  • Dealing with online haters
  • Don Jr. meeting: Alan Dershowitz says…
    • it’s NEVER illegal to simply consume information
  • President Trump calling people dumb, crazy or weak


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