Episode 720 Scott Adams: Crowdstrike, Ukraine, Baby Trump’s Stabbing Death, Bloomberg’s Odds

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  • Rampant “word thinking” on CNN’s website…why it’s Loserthink
  • WOW…watched some MSNBC Chris Hayes on the plane home
    • A hypnosis trick on display, the magical leap
  • Crowdstrike’s Ukraine connection
    • The think tank LINK and influence by foreign investors
    • Why Crowdstrike’s opinion LACKS credibility
  • Will President Trump go to Russia’s May Day military celebration?
    • Treating leaders with respect…while being tough on them
    • He can GENUINELY like a foreign leader and still be tough
  • China would HATE America and Russia forming a strong relationship
  • Are the Democrat money people signaling something LOUDLY?
  • Prediction:
    • If Tulsi or Buttigieg appear on my Periscope…
      • …they will become the Democrat nominee

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