Episode 397 Scott Adams: Fake News, Climatesplaining, Intel Agency Mistakes, Howard Schultz


  • VA abortion law did NOT support killing a perfectly healthy baby
    • Misleading video, Gov office issued clarification
    • Outrageous stories, even with video and photos…
      • …Should be regarded with strong skepticism
  • The person hallucinating is the one seeing something, the other doesn’t
    • Hallucinations ADD something to reality
    • The person hallucinating, is the one seeing something…
      • …that the other person doesn’t see
  • President Trump’s humorous, persuasive tweet on climate change
  • Dan Coates says it’s unlikely NK will give up their nukes
    • Dan Coates should be fired
    • President was correct to tear Dan Coates a new one
    • Worst thing in negotiation is to say we won’t get what we want
    • Why should NK give up nukes if we don’t expect it?
  • Intel guy says ISIS isn’t beaten…he should be fired
    • His statement will help ISIS recruit and survive
    • Disagreeing with the negotiating strategy of the President…
      • …is always valid grounds for being fired
  • Howard Schultz would be a strong candidate if Dems wanted him
    • He’s performing a public service by calling out the Dems
    • Bloomberg is also calling out extreme Dem policies
  • Roger Stone raid at dawn
    • Nobody can think of a valid reason why it was necessary
    • Was there a good reason that we can’t think of?
    • Why were so many officers needed for the arrest?
    • Did extra officers just want to be part of the event?
      • If you heard CNN was there, wouldn’t you want extra officers?

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