Episode 1857 Scott Adams PART1: Let’s Talk About The Headlines While I Teach you Hypnosis Tips & Tricks


  • 25% of American women are on anti-depressants?
  • Festinger’s Cognitive Dissonance Experiment
  • Atlantic’s David Frum spins Biden speech
  • Questions the press doesn’t ask
  • J6 prisoner held by judge for his beliefs
  • ADHD Future Blindness
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Episode 636 Scott Adams: The Chosen One, The Anti-Semite Competition, Super Volcanoes


  • Outrage Theatre Presents:
    • President Trump looked to the Heavens and said WHAT?
  • In his self-loathing heart…does David Frum understand himself?
  • Portland Police Chief, the Babylon Bee, complete satire and reality
  • Helicopter-waiting Q&A sessions and President Trump
  • President Trump’s pro-quality brushback:
    • “It’s only anti-semitic in your head”
  • “Super-Volcano” fears…10% of humanity will die WHEN one blows
    • Should we ONLY pour unlimited funds into climate change?
    • What about pandemics, planet-killing asteroids and volcanos?
  • Bill Pulte gave away a Tesla this morning
    • Giving projects are providing a needed aid direct to the person
  • 74% of NRA donations are from gun manufacturers? Is that correct?

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Episode 467 Scott Adams: Enjoying the Full-Bodied Flavor of Coffee and Exoneration. Mmmm…Exoneration. Join Me!


  • Professional news people usually recognize partisan voices
    • WHY/HOW were some very professional people duped?
    • WHY did others clearly see partisan voices shoveling hard?
    • They may have believed partisan pundits were non-partisan
    • A Psychological phenomena has occurred
  • “Fine People” hoax is now correctly reported on Wikipedia
    • Will Snopes also support the truth? No word from them yet
  • Americans come together against our common enemies
    • Somebody created the hoax of Russian Collusion, fed it
    • Treason, sedition, what charges will the plotters face?
  • Conservatives own the high ground right now
    • President Trump is playing the situation exactly correct
  • Old Nads (Nadler) persists in his investigation…needs a “band name”
    • What name should his band be known as?
    • Nadler is now exposed as just a partisan harasser of POTUS
  • Sam Harris is interesting, a legitimately FACT based person
    • Have his filters on reality been revised since Mueller report?
  • HUGE value in learning that you’ve been completely and totally duped
    • Wise skepticism of OTHER topics where you were “certain”
  • “Hindcasting” is predicting the past, climate models are good at that
    • A useful climate model predicts the FUTURE
    • Is it true that only the Russian model has correctly predicted the future…and it does NOT predict doom?
  • Are pardons on the near horizon?
    • Smart for President Trump, allowing the media to flounder
    • A pardon would become todays news, distract from Mueller report
    • Who might receive a pardon at some point in the future?

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